CHALE HATS is a brand under Andy track Ghana clothing line that aims at selling the Ghanaian image and putting it in a trend all over the world for Ghanaians home and abroad.

“Chale” meaning friend or buddy is the most popular Ghanaian term to address friends all over the world.

The visor of the hat has leather design of Adinkra symbols that has a story or meaning to every image on the visor.At the back says “What Dey Happen” meaning Wassup or what is going on with you?

Website for the Chale hats will be launched on Good Friday, 18th April 2014. Customers can pre order on that date but hats wont be shipped out to customers until the 9th of May 2014 where delivery will be worldwide. Orders in Ghana will be made direct by phone to Andytrack Office or House Of Keys Media.

Prices will be going for £30 online including free shipment within Uk but the rest of the world will pay a charge of £10pounds for shipping.

In Ghana, the price has been reduced to 70Ghc due to non-inclusion of shipment costs and also packaging box, which will be available for the diaspora shipment.
However “Chale” caps will be produced in small quantities and every season will come with different designs and different types of hats as it’s starting with strap back for now.

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