Ever woke up on Sunday morning and you have no idea what to wear?
Well I have! I can literally stand there and stare at my clothes and start crying . Yes it’s that annoying sometimes. But I decided to switch things up and I got some pretty good modest style

Here are 5 Sunday style inspirations

  1. Lace top and African print top
    Sometimes we get bored with wearing our cultural attire, the” kaba and slit”. So why don’t you make a swap and replace the “kaba” with a nice lace top,and you have yourself a whole new
    outfit with less stress.Muse: @bennie_aj
  2. Dress on shirt
    Muse: @mihlalii_n
    This style has been a personal life saver when I have a spaghetti strap dress and I really wear this on Sunday but when I don’t feel comfortable leaving my hands bare ,then I wear a shirt to make it
    modest but stylish.                                                                 Muse: @mihlalii_n 
  3. Dress with African touch
    Muse: @passibooA contemporary style with an african touch is the best way to stay on course.
    Source: @christie_brown
  4. Statement top and skirt
    As regular tops or shirts can be comfortable but too simple, sometimes, a statement top can do the trick of adding some fun to your outfit.                                                                   Muse: @bennie_aj 
  5. Shirt and plaited skirt                                                       Muse: @mihlalii_nTired of wearing an office attire to church? Why don’t you make a change and try on a pleated skirt or gathered skirt preferably. One change and you have a new look. 

These are your 5 Sunday style inspiration served, modest but stylish.

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