Myles Awuku is a graduate of Achimota School and University of Ghana where he read B.A in Psychology. His journey into suit-making started shortly after national service. He discovered his passion for tailoring suits and thus decided to follow his instincts to making his dream come true. We had a chat with Myles of Enkasa apparel who shared with us his journey and dream so far.

TNB: Why fashion?

Enkasa: Fashion because it’s always been part of my childhood desires. I love anything fashionable and especially suits because it oozes out a sense of class and eloquence. They say a man’s suit speaks “volumes” about who he is, I remember using my pocket money to purchase digital led belt and and “grillz”(all the bling), back in Achimota school because I was fashionable. I don’t regret it anyway *laughs *

TnB: How has your work developed over the years?

Enkasa: It has been years of hard work, dedication, and commitment. My skill has developed through constant learning, correcting mistakes along the way and calculated efforts to position the brand well.

TNB: What sparked your interest in making suits?

Enkasa: I have a conviction to change the face of suit-making and the act of wearing it. I think people need to change their mindset about the suit being a preserve of the rich in society. Finally, I also want to touch lives and make a positive impact in society particularly, orphans through my craft.

TNB: What inspired the name Enkasa apparel?

Enkasa: Enkasa is a “twi” word which means “don’t talk”. Literally, we are telling our clients to let their suits make their statement for them. Why, because we don’t make ordinary suits. We design to make you stand out of the lot and exude confidence.

TNB: Would you say it’s a lucrative venture?

Enkasa: I wouldn’t say lucrative. Our kind of societal setting doesn’t understand why they should invest in their appearance but it will get better because people are becoming more discerning and are gradually appreciating some of these modern trends.

TNB: Do men understand the essence of owning a bespoke suit?

Enkasa: Most men prefer foreign suits to hand-made or locally tailored suits. But what they should know is quality speaks for itself so I think it’s the mindset that needs to be changed. Not everything foreign is of standard quality.

TNB: How does it feel to be Ghanaian and making bespoke suits for so many people?

Enkasa: It feels good. I always make an inference of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s ideology, that if a Blackman is capable of managing his own affair, then a Ghanaian is capable of tailoring his own suit”.


TNB: What’s next for the Brand Enkasa apparel?

Enkasa: I am working on setting up a suit factory is the ultimate. I believe the rest will eventually follow.

TNB: If you had any word for anyone who’s looking to be like you! What would it be?

Enkasa: Go for what you believe in, so far as it doesn’t hurt anybody, go for gold but never forget the God-factor.













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