It’s day 365 of 2015! And what better way to end the year than with a gratitude note with you? Here are moments and memories that made my 2015 awesome. I’m sharing them with you so that you will also be inspired to do something for yourself and stay positive in 2016.

January – The Chop! Yes I transitioned to natural hair at the beginning of the year. Absolutely no regrets! I wish I’d done it sooner. And it’s been great learning more about hair care, especially what works for my own hair and what doesn’t. A woman who cuts her hair is a woman who’s about to change her life, honest truth.



July – Graduation! After four years in the University of Ghana, I graduated in July 2015 with a B.A in Social Work. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to graduate because my commitment to another University affected my input in Legon. But I did. And I’m grateful that I’m a graduate with something more to offer than just a certificate. In case you’re wondering, I wore an African-Print-Inspired jumpsuit to my graduation. Très cool, oui?


August – TV Interview. I was selected as one of a few bloggers invited to discuss the skill, science and art of blogging on one of my favorite morning shows in Ghana. “This Morning” on Viasat One, hosted by Kokui and Patrice. I’ve always wondered how good I’d be in a TV interview. Well, I didn’t do so bad. I only wished there was more time to talk more on this topic. Maybe 2016 will bring another opportunity. Fingers crossed. I wore a basic trouser with my statement piece necklace from Afiyo Creations.


September – The Glitz! I was nominated in Glitz style award’s fashion blogger of the year category! Whoo! I never ‘experrerit’! To be honest, I tend to shy away from attention, but this helped me step up to the limelight.


October – Bittersweet: October 2014 was the worst month of my life because I lost my Dad. May he continue to rest in peace. But October 2015 was different – it felt like all the sorrow of the previous year had been replaced with endless joy! And as if that wasn’t enough, I got invited to the Glitz Style Awards. Of course, I graced the occasion in something fitting – a beautiful pink gown. I didn’t win, but I ended up trending in social media, which helped me launch my own website! Read more on what I wore via:




And as if all that wasn’t enough, I received an email from BBC Africa’s Lerato Mbele of the African Business Report! She wanted to interview me, to know my thoughts on the business of the African textile industry. So, yes: BBC Africa. I was there some.


November – By the fireside with Blogging Ghana. It was both amazing and humbling to speak at Blogging Ghana’s Fireside event. I’m glad for the opportunity to inspire others to start their blogs.



December – Biiiirthdaaaayyyy!! I turned 24 in December and had the best birthday of my life (so far). The surprises and gifts we overwhelming. Thank you to all those who made it so – you know yourselves, especially to you Ben, Afiyo, Lamisi and Reginald (you are all so dear to me). And that Busua beach trip with Publicis Africa Group Ghana was the icing on the cake. A perfect birthday/work getaway for the year.



So there you have it! I couldn’t make it to a lot of fashion shows this year because of my work schedule, but next year will be great, as I have finally decided to set up a team to give me a hand. It’s time to have other people on board as well so we can all harness our creativity and work towards promoting the brand. That is what it has become. The African fashion industry has seen incredible growth. It’s time to give it a louder voice. I am extremely grateful to God for a wonderful year. His grace and favor definitely manifested this year. It didn’t happen overnight – I’ve been at it for four years and counting, and even though I’m not there yet, I’m grateful for every opportunity it has opened for me. I’m looking forward to more collaborations and opportunities in 2016. And more money too! A girl has to eat, after all. Thank you Printex Ghana for the lovely gift! Brands like you give bloggers like me reasons not to give up!


So, in light of aaaaaallllll this, I’m hosting my gratitude giveaway. Share with me what you’re grateful for in 2015 and stand the chance of winning the classic Evita Joseph eye brush collection! Details of the brush collection via


All the best!


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