YouTube Ambassador, Guud Kelly is set to embark on an African Tour dubbed “The Business of YouTube”. The target of this Masterclass is to equip and expose individuals and businesses across the continent to take advantage of technology platforms like YouTube and tools like video, storytelling to expand their market, improve their branding and recognition on the global scene.

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About Keli Abiel

Keli Abiel, professionally known as GuudKelly, is a Creative Director |Film Maker | Media and Tech Entrepreneur |YouTube Ghana Ambassador.

He is currently an advocate for peer generated content and the convener of the YouTube Ghana fraternity where he’s a strong thought leader on the evolving content creation space in Ghana and advocating the creation of content and encouraging young people to start creating original content to have a voice on Issues such as Global Warming, Female Genital Mutilation, Child labor, Depression, Cyber Bullying, Girl Child Education and a host of other themes for YouTube and other platforms, whiles highlighting the opportunities. By serving as a strategist and expert on YouTube videos, channels, and fandom and tracks the latest trends. He does this through workshops, Master classes, events, Creator clubs in Universities around the country and other scaled initiatives.

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