Writer: Teiko Nartey-Khama

From drinking lots of water to simple skin care products, here’s how the All Over singer boosts her glow.

Despite life’s high and lows, and the demands of a busy work schedule, on top of being a mom, one wonders
how Savage manages to keep her skin plump and young. In a recent interview with Essence, Savage discloses how
she keeps the glow. “I used to think that as a Black person, I didn’t need sunscreen or sun protection – especially being African and living in a hot country. I was completely wrong. I’ve found that using sunscreen every day keeps my skin plump and young”.

Many people struggle to incorporate the habit of drinking water into their lifestyle despite the many education going on about
the many benefits it gives the body. Well, not Tiwa! Another reason her skin looks young is because she drinks lots of water.
(yes, water!) . Aside these, the singer –songwriter keeps it simple when it comes to skin care. “I use original black soap
from Ghana and natural Shea butter to lotion my skin. I’m big on body treatments like scrubs and hammams
(traditional Moroccan baths). I have them in Lagos quite regularly, and after the treatment, my skin feels like butter”.

Surprisingly Simple, right?


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