How to care for your makeup brushes

Taking care of your beauty tools is as essential as being consistent with your skincare routine. We sometimes tend to focus on our regular regime of skin care and pay less attention to caring for our beauty products.  How often do we wash our makeup brushes?  Makeup brushes are one of the most used beauty tools. As we use our makeup brushes often, it is important to know how to clean them properly. The bristles pick up bacteria, dirt, and debris after using them for a while. Using a contaminated or unclean brush is the cause of some acne, clogged pores, breakouts, and skin irritation beauty experts and makeup artists say.


How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

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There are various opinions on how frequently a brush should be cleaned.  Some beauty experts and dermatologists advise cleaning makeup brushes once a week. Others are of the view that these brushes should be cleaned at least twice a month. In all, it is essential to clean your makeup brushes often since you use them on your face and even areas around your eye.

What should I clean my makeup brushes with?

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To clean your makeup brushes, you need to dip them in lukewarm water and apply a gentle soap. Using a normal soap that is highly concentrated may ruin the bristles. Alternatively, you can opt for a pre-formulated cleanser. These are relatively easy to use. You can follow the manual or directions. All you need to do is to spray the cleanser on the brush hairs and wipe it with a cloth.

Step to-Step Guidelines to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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  1. Dip the bristles in lukewarm water
  2. Put a cleanser into your palm and gently massage the bristles with your palm. Alternatively, you can wear a clean rubber glove instead of using your palms.
  3. Rinse the brush hairs thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  4. Squeeze out the excess and wipe with a clean towel or lay flat to dry overnight.






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