The Best Ways to Care For Your Dyed Hair

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It is important to take care of your dyed hair since it is susceptible to damage if you do not. Here are a few tips that will help keep your colour-treated hair from fading away easily and also keep it looking vibrant and healthy.

How to take care of a dyed hair black girl

1. Wait for Three Days or 72 hours before You Wash Freshly Coloured Hair.

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  1. Washing your hair immediately after colouring will make the dye to wash off easily. The 72 hours according to experts allows the colour to settle in and also gives time for the cuticle to close

2. Use a Colour Protectant Shampoo

  1. Go in for a shampoo specifically made for colour-treated hair.  Using a colour protectant shampoo protects your hair and prevents fading. In addition, they contain the requisite amount of nourishing ingredients to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy.


What should you not do with dyed Hair?

1. Exposing Hair to High Temperature.

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Heat tends to damage dyed hair. It is important to use less heat. Avoid using blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons too often. Also, it is advisable to use cold or lukewarm water when rinsing your colour-treated hair.  Using hot water causes the cuticle to open leading to the dye leeching out.


2. Avoid Sulphate

Do not use a shampoo that has sulphate on colour-treated hair.  It takes away moisture making your hair dry.


How to Wash Dyed without Losing Colour

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  • To prevent dye from leeching out every time, here is what to do.
  •  Do not Shampoo Colour-treated hair too often
  •  Avoid washing your hair too often in a week
  • Also, use cold or lukewarm water when washing your hair. It is important to also use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioners for your colour-treated hair.








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