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Full Name: MaameYaa Boafo Abiah
Meaning of name: In pure Ashanti form, my name means that I am a girl born on Thursday who is nurturing and a helper. My last name is Hebrew for God is my Father
of Origin: Ghana
Ethnicity: Ashanti
Country of Residence: United States of America
Profession: Actor
3 words to describe Africa: Immeasurable, Resilient and Home

BIO:MaameYaa Boafo Abiah is a proud  Ghanaian  and Ashanti girl raised in East Africa and Europe. Although growing up, her family in Kumasi used to playfully tease her about speaking Twi with a funny accent, nonetheless she speaks it, and speaks it well.

Trained classically as an actor, modeling happened accidentally.
“It’s been a wonderful platform to showcase who I am which first and foremost is an individual in love with God and a passionate artist”……she says….

There is nothing ‘Afrocentric’ about me- I’m 100% African.period

Photo credit:Jamel  Toppin

Maameyaa is currently contestant number 23 in the BHF “I AM AFRICAN”PHOTO CONTEST.

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Photo credit: Jamel Toppin

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