Going easy on colours and shades but I’m in love with the Nude
I have been thinking about re arranging my wardrobe by blending it with vibrant Colours a shade of yellow and green and a little red is my next target .
One shade I however can’t let go is Nude. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean I want to go around town topless or have some nude photo-shoot lol ,not that kind of nude.hold on I’m talking about a shade very natural ,laid back like cream or caramel . Other websites define the shade as “neutral ,showing flesh” whiles others define it as a soft whisper. I will define it as a bit of calmness and vulnerability that respects your skin tone. It can help to tone down or tone up your costume , which ever way is just perfect.
At the moment the only nude shade I own is my nude sleek lipgloss which is almost empty. I’m in love with this shade therefore working towards getting some skirt,top,accessories,shoes of that shade .want to surprise me ? Just get me something of that shade dear friends.i will be waiting .

Feeling the shade nude too? Got anything nude in your wardrobe?share with me via comments .
Enjoy your day

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