Step aside,I wonder why I am always quick to fall in love well; if it’s lovely it should be loved. Last week I posted in twitter about finding funky tees to wear to Chalewote street Art festival 2013 at James town which comes off on the 7th and 8thSeptember. I posted on both Twitter (@dje_djelyn) and Facebook and behold I got some wonderful people who would also want to rock some tees to the event. This morning Kayobi followed me on instagram and as usual had to scroll through his photos and there! I found it. Exactly what I was looking for, Tees that carry messages and is funky.

The brand “KAYOBI”
Kayobi means Tuesday in Japanese, which represents the name of the founder Kwabena (male child born on Tuesday ) Oppong Boateng. The clothing line was founded on the 8th of August 2008 (08/08/08) and has gradually evolved from a t-shirt line to include bags and cases hand printed in Accra Ghana. Messages inscribed on the t-shirts ranges from socio-political issues to music, culture tradition and food. 

Hoping to grab one or two shirts really soon. If you want to get one two just go online and visit, that easy and shop .

Instagram: Kayobi

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