I am totally in love with this new collection by AfroMod founded by Ami Yomekpe.  Any Fab look book, i spot it and share with you. Enjoy reading

Nyornu is a collection in celebration of the AfroMod Woman, capturing the very essence of womanhood in its boldness, beauty and class. The AfroMod woman is strong, feminine, hardworking and a force to be reckoned with; the Nyornu collection is made for her.

Nyornu, meaning woman in the Ewe language, is a name that best suits this woman-created and inspired collection. At the very essence of the collection are values of class, elegance and virtue, which mark the substance of an AfroMod Woman. This is not just an assortment of clothes to cover but masterpieces that will give confidence to the skin it touches. With four months put into it’s making, from sketch to fabric to form, lots of hard work has gone into this fresh collection and it shows.

Made for women between the ages of 25 to 40, the Nyornu collection has pieces that are casual, chic, and also gowns. The casuals include everyday tops and skirts which can be accented with accessories to step things up, the chic includes classy dresses for work and social events while the elegant presents an array of red carpet-ready gowns that truly express class. The AfroMod woman will have great choices for an easy weekend, a fashionable weekday or an elegant night out.

The Nyornu collection is bursting with several remarkable pieces and AfroMod, creators of Nyornu are excited about this because a lot of spirit was put into it. A lot of hardwork thst saw to the improvement of skill and service and has also given a renewed confidence in what the AfroMod team is capable of in the very near future. The collection was announced in August 2013 and hit shelves in September 2013.

Photography: Sefa Nkansah
Model: Adina Ndamse
Make up: Sparkle n Shine
Hair: Shinells (OSU)

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