As part of our IWD Special features with women who are pressing for progress, Adu Amani Tells it all in this interview below. Scroll to read all and don’t forget to leave your questions for her in the comment section below.

TNBGH: Kindly tell us about yourself and your brand?

AD: AduAmani limited (AduAmani Klodin) produces authentic African indigenous shoes, bags and fashion accessories in Ghana. We showcase traditional Ghanaian and African craftsmanship, competing for pricing along with high-quality control. We work with Ghanaian hand-woven kente, African prints, recycled materials, suede and more.
Products are proudly made in Ghana for the global consumer and provide customized styling + sizing to suit individual needs and taste. We also accept bulk orders.

TNB: What’s your inspiration for doing what you do?

AD: I’m passionate about making people happy though it was never my plan or dream to go into fashion, God must have amazing plans and now that I am here, seeing people satisfied with what I do, making mistakes keeps me going. I work with colors, textures, shapes, and lines this is how I see the world through what I do. This really inspires me.

TNB: What bold steps did you take to get to where you are?

AD: I would say leaving my comfort zone (home) and also quitting my job, it was such a risk and the best thing I ever did.

TNB: If you had an opportunity to do anything differently? What would it be?

AD: I will go into vlogging, I will still like to create concepts and direct cause I am good at it and also branding. Sorry I have too many dreams.

TNBGH: What does pressing for progress mean to you?
AD: In work and life, it means being always accountable and reliable, constantly improving my skills, setting personal goals, reviewing them regularly.

TNBGH: How can women in the fashion industry press for progress?

AD: Embrace your difference, be creative, learn how to say no and lift other women up as you climb.

TNBGH: How are women making a positive impact in the fashion industry?

AD: Unite and stop unnecessary competition. We have to learn as women to work together and tolerate each other. The industry is big for everyone, we are not enemies.


TNBGH: What is your advice to young ladies who are aspiring to be like you or walk down your path?

AD: Believe in yourself, learn how to say No, be original and don’t just work hard work wise, don’t do it because of fame, do it because you love it and humble yourself, start from somewhere, and trust God.

TNBGH:  What’s the greatest goal for you?
AD: Hahaha still thinking but I think building a computer library/community hospital will be my greatest goal. It’s something I have always wanted to do for kids.

TNBGH: Do you think the fashion industry in Ghana is a viable career path? And what is your number one advice to an amateur looking forward to being a part of this industry?
AD: YES, But if you are not creative or don’t hire creative people to work with and don’t position your brand well. You can’t be everything, it’s a big industry, delegation is the key though you have to start small from somewhere, it’s all about finishing, packaging, branding and knowing the people you are selling to. It’s about people not what you want or like or think it’s cool. Attitude is everything as well. But not everyone is your customer.

TNBGH: Have you ever encountered a situation where you were being limited because of your gender and how did you overcome it to be recognized for your work?

AD: Unfortunately, in my business, my gender hasn’t been a problem but I’ve been in situations where some men would want to sleep with you just to help you etc, my solution? I avoid you and to hell with your help. I’ve also realized most of my clients are males though most of the things we produce are female stuff, we produce unisex but I have more male clients buying for women than women, I don’t think that is a problem.

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