“I have no regrets. But if there is anything I’d have done differently, it would be having a proper plan before starting” In our IWD series, we had a chat with accessory designer Mabel Simpson. Read more below and questions are welcomed.

TNBGH: Kindly tell us about yourself and your brand?
Msimps: My name is Mabel Simpson, a creative entrepreneur and founder of mSimps accessory manufacturing company and creative enterprise in Accra, Ghana. mSimps focuses on leather handmade handbags, slippers, female loafers, laptop bags, and sleeves, throw pillows and travel luggage with the primary goal of exhibiting quality Made-In-Ghana products.

TNBGH: What’s your inspiration for doing what you do?
Msimps: Being able to communicate through design with the products we create at mSimps.

TNBGH: What bold steps did you take to get to where you are?
Msimps: Resigning from my job to start a business with Ghs 200.

TNBGH: If you had an opportunity to do anything differently? What would it be?
Msimps: I have no regrets. But if there is anything I’d have done differently, it would be having a proper plan before starting.

TNBGH: What does pressing for progress mean to you?
Msimps: Pressing for progress to me means, first considering myself as a human being and not a female and achieving my goals irrespective of my gender.

TNBGH: How can women in the fashion industry press for progress?
Msimps: By being our own competition and not competing against each other.

TNBGH: How are women making a positive impact in the fashion industry?
Msimps: Creating employment, helping put food on the table in a lot of homes, clothing people and projecting the image of Ghana and the continent in a positive way.

TNBGH: What is your advice to young ladies who are aspiring to be like you or walk down your path?
Msimps: We are all individuals with different destinies. Be you, do you, for you. Be your own cheerleader, be passionate, never stop learning even when you make mistakes.

TNBGH: What’s the greatest goal for you?
Msimps: To make a positive impact, be known and remembered for good reasons.

TNBGH: Do you think the fashion industry in Ghana is a viable career path? And what is your number one advice to an amateur looking forward to being a part of this industry?
Msimps: It is. People need to be clothed and they need accessories as well. We need to build world-class brands right here in Ghana.

TNBGH: Have you ever encountered a situation where you were being limited because of your gender and how did you overcome it to be recognized for your work?

Msimps: I never allow anything to limit me.

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