I love the modelling world and everything it has to offer, spent some time looking for very interesting stories from our own models here in Ghana.
20 year old Joycelyn rocks the runway every time shes on it. but wait ,that’s not the only thing she does.I spent some time to know more about this young lady and i thought you should  know more about her too. enjoy the first phase of her interview.

Tnbgh: Tell us about yourself?
Joycelyn: My name is Joycelyn Afia Aduakye, 20 years old, a student of Ghana Telecom University studying Bsc. Telecom Engineering.
Tnbgh: What drove you into auditioning for Miss West Africa Ghana?
Joycelyn: Initially, I was skeptical about joining it because involving in a pageant is a risk on its own; you may win or may not win. But my friends and people around me gave me all the encouragement and support, telling me I had what it takes to win, so I went for it.
Tnbgh:How do you shuffle between being a student and a beauty queen and a model?
Joycelyn:I plan my time very well and organize my plans such that the most important things are achieved first, in that order. I know when and when not to do something. I set my priorities right and plan accordingly. i normally plan ahead of time when I want to do a couple of things so they do not clash into each other.
Tnbgh:Do you have a role model? And would you mind telling us who your role model is, and why?
Joycelyn: Tyra Banks. She’s hardworking and has achieved a lot in the fashion industry with which she’s greatly imparting other people who want to get into the fashion industry. She has a great personality as well, which I believe helps one go places. Aside Tyra, I get motivation from women who have made it or are making it on the global scale.
Tnbgh :You have been spotted on some runways, how has that experience been and how far do you intend on taking it?
Joycelyn :I love runway modelling and I’m good at what I do. The experience is amazing for me. I intend taking it to the international level where I would not be just an international model, but an international supermodel. Dreams come true and with God on my side I know it will come true.
Tnbgh: Do you have any beauty regime that u follow and would you love to share?

Joycelyn:I exfoliate every once in awhile. I concentrate more on my face as it’s the first contact on my body, this keeps my face and skin always clear.

Tnbgh: Do you think there’s a difference between a beauty queen and a model?

Joycelyn:Yes, there is. A model is usually used for advertisement purposes and often has the physical features, but a beauty queen goes beyond just physical beauty; it involves personality, intelligence, congeniality, courage, confidence, charity and many other qualities. A beauty queen is supposed to be a combination of all that. Having beautiful physical features is a plus. I’m fortunate to be a beauty queen and a model as well.

Tnbgh:brief us about Miss West African international and How will Ghanaians be able to help you win the coveted crown and bring it to
It’s a beauty pageant involving the winners of all 15 ECOWAS countries with the inclusion of Sao Tome et Principe, Mauritania, Cameroon as well as Non-West African countries such as Germany, Portugal, US, UK. The winners from these countries come together to compete for the Miss West Africa International title.
* Ghanaians can support me with their prayers and encouragement. I’ve received tremendous support from a lot of Ghanaians already and I’m very grateful to them for that.

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