It’s 2017, an era where everyone is a blogger most especially a fashion blogger. I believe the fashion blogosphere is quite big and it’s unto us to discover where we all fit in. This I believe will help brands know which blogger to engage for specific purposes and oh help award organizers also properly categorize the awards such as “Fashion Blogger of the year”. This post is a summation of experiences and research results I have compiled on each category and I honestly hope we can Identify our niche with the help of this post. I’m sure as time goes on there will be more but for now, let’s delve right into these:

1. Style Blogger: They can be categorized as Street Style or Personal Style Blogger. The later tend to share their personal style on their blog(webpage). It’s more about how they are able to put outfits together either from brands they have sourced from or their own wardrobes. It’s all about their choice of outfits and what influences those choices. Street Style bloggers are more interested in documenting other people’s styles as well. It could be angled from fashion shows, events, etc. This has actually taken the fashion blogging world by storm.

2. General Fashion Blogger: This category is more about general fashion. It doesn’t usually revolve around the main blogger or founder. It focuses more on a larger scale kind of blogging such as events, features, how-to’s, hacks, news, Fashion business, trends, beauty, street style just to mention a few. I hope you get the drift? That’s where a blog like ours falls. It’s more like a Fashion News Site. We literally cover everything that you would love to see or know in fashion.

3. Beauty Blogger: This is quite an exciting category to blog about. It’s all about the glam! Hair, Nails, Makeup etc! But, the catch here is, you must either be a total beauty geek or have full knowledge of what you are talking about. Remember it involves recommending products for others to use, so yeah get the facts right! These kind of bloggers are usually on “fleek” and offer great reviews on beauty products etc.

4. Instagram Style Blogger: Yes! this is real. With this kind, there’s no external site(web page) to click to read. Everything they have to say is in the caption. This kind of blogging is characterized by style shoots to show some new outfits or talk about something fashion related. It’s also the “in” thing now.

5. Lifestyle Bloggers: This can be a mixup of Fashion, Travel, Fashion DIY & sometimes Food. They pretty much are the spice of Instagram at the moment with great images to totally slay what they are talking about!

6. Fashion Photography Bloggers: These guys are obsessed with imagery. They curate and create stunning fashion images to die for. They are all about editorials, lookbooks, fashion campaigns etc.

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Did I miss out on anything? Any comments or suggestions to add? Feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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