Lapel lessons 101: Knowing some basic things about suiting helps you whenever you’re getting your suits, blazers etc. I started sharing this on my Facebook page and due to the response i got i decided to sit and write a proper post so lets get straight to business , someone might ask what is a lapel ?

Lapels are the folded flaps of cloth on the front of a jacket. In order to choose the right lapel You must consider the following characteristics. These include: setting, type of suit and body type full details in another post.  Basically, there are three types of lapels ; 
• Peak Lapel
• Notch Lapel
• Shawl Lapel.
The Peak Lapel : The peak lapel is considered the most formal of all the lapels and also the most expensive since it requires alot of skills and time to cut or manufacture.
The peak lapel is appropriate for the double breasted blazer and also dinner suit ( Tuxedo ) as seen on some top style icons like James Bond , Leonardo Di’carprio , Tomford etc .
Notch Lapel : This is the standard lapel seen on many single breasted jackets or business suit.
The size of the notch lapel can vary according to the taste of the individual . Slim notch lapel looks flattering on slim guys. It can be worn to w
eddings, formal dinners, black tie events and appropriate for Double-breasted suit.

Shawl Lapel : The shawl lapel has a continuous curve to the collar usually made with satin or silk. These days its commonly seen on the dinner suit ( Tuxedo ). This kind of lapel can be worn to Black tie events, red carpet galas and weddings.


We hope you made some notes in this lesson. More about style for men coming soon.

Writer: Stedmann Yanney

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