Brand Name :101 Clothing

101 clothing is Ghana and Uk based Afrocentric brand well known for fusing African Prints with other fabrics to Produce high quality clothes for the youth. It was established in 2011 and has been doing well over the years. 101 clothing has participated in a series of fashion shows. These include Engineering Faculty show, Tourism fashion show, KNUST fashion week 2013 show, Gh/Uk fashion show, fashion mist fashion show In Uk, Party in the Party fashion show In Uk with an honor from British Borough Of Hounslow. The brand promises fashionistas the best showcase at this years event.

Creative, Beautiful, Sophistication and Awkwardness is what Taylor made brand is about. “The brand name came about through a brain storming process between a friend and myself and thought adding my surname and the word made since I make everything myself. Then use the creative symbol from the adinkra symbol just to add my heritage to it”. The brand Taylormade is all make cloths for strong confident sophisticated women. This women’s wear line hopes to cross the boarders of Ghana into the international market. Starting with their first showing at the KNUST fashion week.

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