LarryJay couture, a Ghanaian fashion brand has debuted their new collection themed Timeless Legacy.
This collection is a derivative of AFRICAN CULTURE, (West – South African and East – Central African Cultures), these inspired the selection of most elements of design for the collection-Wax Prints, Cotton Lycra Spandex, Fleece, Silk, Jute, Leather, Cowries, etc., and ARTS
Timeless Legacy, as the name suggests, features nonaging fashionable pieces of all seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) which have been in existence for decades. With an added contemporary twist, breathing life and style into it for the modern generation.

Timeless Legacy by LarryJay Couture entails ethical fashionable pieces like oversized wax print shirts and fitting pants/joggers, oversized silky tunics, shorts, open front cardigans, shawls, infinity scarves, etc.

These clothes were enlivened with their unusual yet scenic accessories mainly inspired by the East/South African cultures (Mules/Sling Backs, Jute/Leather Bags, Choker Neckpieces, and Earrings).

The brand’s Timeless Legacy collection was recently debuted on the runways of the Accra Men’s Fashion Week’17, Ghana and it won the best for the night.

Models: Laura Addy @preddy_naa
Derrick Amoako @im_deeob

MAU: Hamid Mamoud @Afroface.mua
Stylist: Hamid Mamoud @hamidvijay

Photography :
Quincy Asephua @vineimagery
Kwasi Agyapong @kingkwekuananse_photography

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