Always excited when a fashion designer outdoors out a new collection!!!!!!!. It’s just beautiful to see what they came up with , the concept and ideas behind it .. Enough talking , enjoy these beautiful designs by Sarah Christian . Ps I may be wearing one pretty soon.

Chida is a fun comfortable collection with thick lines of colour embracing the body. This comes in an a variety for styles for a number of occasions.

Chida is a Spanish word for cool, awesome, or good.

The lady who wears chida is proud of her body. She is so confident of her body that the thick lines of colour mades her look bolder. She feels awesome and cool.

Chida played of a variety of fabrics including dyed cotton, chiffons, lace and nylon

it is designed for the bold, strong lady of colour. it still stays to true to simplicity but also elegance.
Sarah Christian

Make up by:Valerie Lawson of contours makeup
Photography by Ben Bond of OAB photography
Models: Priscilla Larteley Sylvester and AgnesNtow…..

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