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Our first feature is on this young lady who totally inspires us at trendsnblendsgh. She’s a dedicated Youtube vlogger who puts in alot of work to make her brand grow on a daily basis. We’ve seen her around but who really is she? Check out this full feature below.

Happy New Month.

TNB: Who is Jes Iscah?

JES: To answer who Jes Iscah is, I need to explain what “Jes Iscah” means. Jes is the short form of Jessica and Iscah means Jessica in Hebrew. I’m sure you are wondering; why use both? Well, Instagram didn’t give me much of a choice in picking my name. I wanted to use “Iscah” but it had already been taken so I settled with Jes Iscah and that worked out perfectly.

Now back to the question, who is she? Jes Iscah?

She is Jessica Owusu-Ansah, a two-time award-winning blogger, content creator and YouTuber based in Accra – Ghana. I blog about everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle. With over 28.2k Followers on Instagram and over 3,000 subscribers on YouTube, I upload how-to videos, beauty images, fashion and lifestyle images with details to make it easier for my viewers to recreate the looks, learn how to apply new products, tips on skincare, makeup, hair, and also where to purchase beauty products in and outside Ghana. I am a makeup artist as well.

TNB: Prior to blogging or Vlogging, what were you doing?

JES: I was working with a company at the World Trade Centre in Accra as the Human Resource Assistant to the Human Resource Director. I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (specialized in Human Resource Management) from the Central University College in 2013. Whiles working as the HR Assistant, I did everything from shortlisting candidates for employment, to interviewing of shortlisted candidates, helping to draft employee contracts, the filing of employee data, scheduling appointments and meetings, responding to emails, and all the good stuff.


TNB: Why Vlogging?

JES: Honestly, I didn’t even know that was what I was doing, because I just did it. I love photography. I’ve loved it since I was a child born into a household where your picture was being taken every step of your life, so I grew up with it I guess.  And it gives me such joy to share images, videos and information.

TNB: How did it start for you?

JES: It started with me uploading beauty videos: reviews and tutorials on YouTube, then I moved to uploading one-minute videos of what I had uploaded on Youtube on my Instagram page and now I upload not just beauty but fashion and lifestyle videos and images as well on Youtube, Instagram and my web blog. It was a gradual process.


TNB: What equipments did you start with?

JES: Hahaha, this question always cracks me up. I started filming with an iPhone 4s back in 2014. I used to mount books on books, Milo tins, anything I could get my hands on just so I can secure and position the phone in a way that I can be seen well. After some minutes, the phone will just slide off and fall but I’ll pick it up and do that again till I’m done the filming. Now thank God, I have a Canon 60D with a kit lens, Canon 50mm lens, a tripod, ring light and a MacBook Air.


TNB: Would you say you’ve finally found your passion and What has kept you going over the years?

JES: Definitely! In fact, I’d say I’ve always had a passion for it but now I sleep and breathe what I do. Even when I’m sleeping I’m thinking of what to do and how to do it. My mind is always at work. I would say, God! I believe in God and I believe everything I have achieved is because of Him. With that being said “God helps those who help themselves” so I’d also say patience, handwork, perseverance and consistency has kept me going and growing.

TNB: Aside Vlogging, you’re a makeup artist as well? Tell us about that.

JES: I fell into makeup. Growing up, my mum would always say I don’t like stress when it comes to my appearance. Example; instead of a dress which will restrict movement, I’d opt for shorts or jeans with a top, or instead of heels, I’d always put on slippers, sandals or sneakers even to church. Yeah, I was that girl hahaha, I still am in some areas. I didn’t put on makeup until University level 300, that’s where my love for makeup grew and I played with my roommate’s face, mostly.  During my internship after university, my love and obsession for makeup grew stronger. I researched a lot; if not throughout my internship, then I started doing makeup for my colleagues at work before work starts and even workers in the World Trade Centre building because they heard I did someone’s makeup (all for free and fun)  To cut a long story short, I quit my Job in 2015 after years of employment as the HR Assistant to the HR Director, Educational content provider and Business Marketing team member of one of the subsidiaries of the company to start my career as a full-time makeup artist with no client base.

God is so good, I have worked with talented musicians such as Yaa Yaa, Tneeya, Adina Thembi, just to mention a few on some of their projects. I worked with brands such as Fidelity Bank, Nokware Skincare, Ernest Chemist Pharmacy for their BillBoards, commercial videos and photo shoots. I have also had the opportunity to work with clients such as CEO of AirtelTigo Roshi Motman for their mother’s day commercial, the Queen Mother of Dipo Krobo and fashion designer Duaba Serwa on her collections. CEO of Skin Gourmet Violet Awo Amoabeng, Fashion blogger Afua Rida, TV & Radio personality Bianca Buckman are a few of my lovely clients. I also work on Brides and bridal team, Prom, Events and Photoshoots.


TNB: How do you come up with topics to vlog about?

JES: I think a lot so I brainstorm on things that will catch people’s attention. I ask myself “what haven’t I done that others might be interested in watching” and as I’m thinking something pops up. Sometimes, I film based on trending topics or brands. Most times too I decide to film without knowing what exactly I’m doing and as I film a topic comes in mind or I title the vlog based on the content I have.


TNB: Do you work on the production process by yourself?

Yup! I do everything myself from setting up equipment, to filming, to editing, to uploading, to taking images for thumbnails, captions and tags. It’s all me.

TNB: What’s a typical Vlogging day for you?

JES: With Vlogs, there has to be an activity going on or else the vlog will be boring. Example of vlogs with activities is my “TRIP TO KUMASI” vlog which had a bachelorette party, the traditional & white wedding of a friend and client as I Glammed her up. Another one is my upcoming vlog “ A Trip into “SO ULTRA FOUNDATION LAUNCH” which features the foundation launch of a Ghanaian owned beauty brand.

So a typical vlog day starts off with me making sure I have everything I need for that vlog. Then I introduce myself and what I have planned for the day to my audience then head to whatever business I have going on that day, then it finally ends with me closing the vlog by thanking my viewers for watching the vlog. In between filming is mostly people staring and looking at you funny, questioning why you’re taking so many videos and pictures.

TNB: As a vlogger, how do you keep up with growing trends in the Vlogosphere to ensure that you don’t lose yourself?

I like to keep to myself so I hardly get influenced by what others are saying and doing. One thing I pride myself with is the fact that I always want to be different or do things differently. However, it’s also good to know what is trending so you work with it, not all but some of the trending topics. I definitely get inspired by others but I use what I see and produce my own content with its own uniqueness and flavour.


TNB: Has there ever been a point where you’ve wanted to give up? And what did you do to keep yourself going?

JES: So far, we thank God I haven’t gotten to that point. There are definitely times that I’m just not motivated, and I think everyone goes through it. The best thing for me during that time is to just chill, relax, take time off filming so I don’t upload crappy content because I believe “no content is better than crappy content”.


TNB: Do you make revenue from your vlog? Did it arrive as soon as you started?

JES: I do make revenue now and no, it didn’t arrive as soon as I started. My first video was in 2014, but started blogging frequently in 2015 and then I received my first YouTube pay early this year, 2018.

TNB: What do you intend to achieve with this?

JES: Mainly to spread positivity, love and educate people.


TNB: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to go into Vlogging/Blogger?

JES: Have a passion for Blogging/Vlogging. Know that it’s not as easy as it looks so be prepared for anything. Be patient with growth, never stop learning, believe in yourself and have faith in God.

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