I spotted Kobby Klein on Instagram and instantaneously took interest in his kind of styling. The Fashion Styling game in Ghana although is growing plays too safe therefore it’s quite exciting to see individuals who are shaking things up. I had a quick chat with this creative style genius on his kind of styling. 

Q: Who is Tsutsublema and what influenced such a name?
T: It is a vintage brand that aims at influencing the 21st-century fashion lover with passé clothing trends. I chose Tsutsublema to symbolize my African roots; Ghana, precisely. The brand name means “old days” in Ga language.

Q: How did you get into styling?
T: I have been a fashionista since my years in high school. I joined the fashion industry with the motive of being a model but became more engrossed with photography. As a shopaholic and a model, I usually carried a minimum of six extra clothes just for proposed concepts whenever I was called for photo shoots. Along the line, I was inspired by my creative ideas, funky-shopped clothing, and gifted styles to sway fashionistas through styling.

Q: Your fashion trend is unique and very vintage-inspired. What influenced you to tap into that kind of styling?
T: I love to set my own trends instead of following other trends. I grew up with a father who amassed vintage clothing and artifacts. Apart from my love for vintage styles, I was also inspired by the things around me at that time. Now, I use that to tell stories through pictures to today’s generation of fashion enthusiasts.
Q: Do current trends affect your styling niche?
T: Not at all. If you pay attention to most current trends lately, they have a touch of vintage in their looks.

Q: What goes into your creative process?
T: As a stylist, I always choose a theme for my concepts. I consider the right colors to combine or block as far as shoes, clothes, props, and others are concerned.
Q: What message do you communicate with your styling?
T: Educate the young ones on how fashion was in the old days, revive these fashion styles for both the young and the old and create the awareness that vintage fashion will never fade away.

Q: What projects would you like to work on in the future?
T: Currently, I have worked with models, artists, actors, and actresses across Africa on different projects and hope to be with Hollywood and other notable organizations someday for more challenging and epic projects.

Q: How do you stay inspired?
T: I watch documentaries, movies, read magazines, surf the net, pay visits to the less privileged and sometimes through tales and pictures from my folks.
Q: Any advice for a creative youngster interested in fashion styling?
T: “Better late than never” as the saying goes. As individuals, we identify ourselves more when we are seen in certain conformable environments. My advice to young fashion stylists out there is this: know your niche, be confident you can do it, take bold steps, have a coach or mentor as your source of inspiration and don’t forget; God will lead you no matter the path you choose.

Q: Does the Ghanaian fashion industry recognize the essence of fashion styling?
T: Hmmmmm!!… I will say no because a lot of awards and event organizers do not recognize stylists even though we play major roles for most designers. But I still believe in some months or years to come, fashion stylists will play a leading role in the industry.

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