“Big hair don’t Care” and yes I amm totally in love with it. From the Crochet braids to jumbo Havana twists to the Fro I can’t stop gushing over how these style icons rock their “Big Hair” flawlessly there can never be a bad her day with these ladies! Looking to join the big hair gang but worried about our current weather condition? Well, you might want to make them into wig caps you can take off anytime you wish to. Don’t be shy give it a try (no pun intended) Below are some “big Hair” Inspiration from some of our favorite people on Instagram.

1. Kiitana serves us with diverse crochet hairstyles that scream life. She makes tutorial videos on;Ombré Crochet Havana Mambo how to achieve each hair style! involve with what you see?  she’s given me legit hair goals.Visit her Instagram accounts for more details. Braids: Ombre 3D split twist Afro:  Afro kinky    twist.

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2.Freddie Harrel: She’s a fashion and confidence consultant. I discovered Freddie Harrel via a video on youtube that had to do with style. I Immediately fell involve with a sense of style and level of confidence she’s got a great personality too.

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3. Adeze: Joy Joy Joy, I love Joy! I’ve been following her for a while and I’m proud of her journey! Her brand Curlsistas makes custom clip in Afro hair! I wonder how she’s able to clip it to her natural hair because I have never been good with clip in , they just weren’t made for me. She’s also a style expert.

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4. Asiyami Gold: Asiyami! I’m just obsessed with Asiyami.  She inspires me to be different, to see the beauty in everything because indeed the world is beautiful. Her Instagram feed gives life literally, her sense of style is minimal yet chic. If there’s one person I’d love to meet this year its Asiyami, I feel we are virtual besties already. She has some pretty amazing big hair inspiration.


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Did I miss out on any “Big hair don’t care” queen? Kindly leave their names in the comment section below.

Please note: All photos were sourced from their Instagram accounts 🙂

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