We got the chance to interview New York based  style Icon and blogger Igee Okafor ( Igee is a personalstyle, photography and creativity lovee. Grab a cup of cofee and enjoy the read.
TnB: Briefly tell us about your style and yourself.
Igee: My name is Igee Okafor. I am 21 years old, and I am a menswear/lifestyle blogger. I like to describe my style as muted, and traditional mixed with contemporary movements in menswear.


TnB: Are you a label hoard?
Igee: Not exactly. Labels are nice, and it would probably be ideal for me to have a label filled wardrobe but I do not prioritize on labels when I shop for clothes.

Photography: @andrew_t_white.
Photography: @andrew_t_white.

TnB: How do you mix and match pieces?
Igee: With mixing, and matching pieces, I make sure colors compliment each other, or match. If I am going to feature a detail piece, I make every other clothing item as plain, and as minimal as it can be. I think this formula creates a more cohesive look.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 2.24.45 PM
Photography: @zay.vier

TnB: We know you’re a Nigerian living in New York . Do you have plans coming back to settle in Nigeria?
Igee: Yes, sure. I would love to have a home there, as well as something fruitful to show for all the time I have been away. Here in New York, I am exposed to a variety of influences, and experiences. I hope to gather all that I have learned, and will continue to learn, to help me create something substantial, and tangible in Nigeria such as a magazine company, and a clothing store.

Photography @ginapalermophoto.

TnB: This sounds cliché but we still want to ask, how do fashion bloggers make money from blogging?
Igee: Typically, fashion bloggers make their money through sponsored posts through the blog site, Instagram, sidebar ads, and online campaigns for whatever brand is holding the product. For bloggers with bigger followings, they go off traveling, hosting events, and collaborating with other brands to put out a new product. So really, fashion bloggers can make money in a variety of ways. I believe it depends on personal aspirations.

Photography @GinaPalermoPhoto.
Photography @GinaPalermoPhoto.

TnB: Whats your advice to those who want to start fashion blogging?
Igee: Have a unique voice, stick to your mission, and sense of the expression, and share it in every way possible as authentically as you can.

Photography @zay.vier.
Photography @zay.vier.

TnB: What should we expect from you and in few years to come?
Igee: I would love to extend the variety of content I put out by including, and creating video projects, and interactive platforms. Ultimately, for as long as I continue, I want to serve as a guide, and learning reference for a wider range of lifestyle enthusiasts on a larger scale. This would mean more writers, more brand partnerships, and more social content. I think an increase in quality of work is something to look forward to.

Photography @opoline
Photography @opoline

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