Writer: Teiko Nartey-Khama

Four years ago, micro bags made an appearance on the fashion scene. Turns out we were more interested in carrying around lots of weight and ditched them for bigger handbags. However,
Since fashion is known to make little sense, these ultra –miniature bags are back!!!

We know, we know – they are not the most practical but what these micro & mini bags lack in functionality, they make up for in style. These handbags make an impact statement and elevate
your look. The fashion effect and coolness of it is not too bad. The IT thang to a look. They look amazing and make any outfit feel more playful.

It seems they are made to carry only your essentials. Yes, I laid it out. They force you to C.U.T T.H.E C.R.A.P, literally. And why not? They are an easy way to personalize an outfit.
Something meant to tie and outfit together. It’s so easy to be creative when you carry them.

They are not meant for everyday carrying unless you are on holiday, weekend, or out with friends.
So yes, when you want to ditch the many receipts, makeup, pencils et al, “call” on these minis/micros.

And they will be there. Honestly, the newer ones (minis) being churned out by brands such as Fendi, Tod’s, Loewe, etc., can probably only stow your car and house keys, credit cards, and lipsticks.

With long straps, you can wear them around your neck, arm and wrist. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to styling them. The peak of trendiness I must say. They are sweet and need carrying.
And they look amazing when shot on instagram.

Micro & Mini bags are not for everyone, but they are too cute to miss out on.

As Telfar Clemens said, micro bags are for the party and the after party, and what happens in between is just less…cute.

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