New Year New Everything atleast for most of us. This means new clothes, new careers, new everything else including new style. Ever wondered what your choice of nail polish says about you? The next time you choose what nail polish to paint your nails with? I hope you consider these personality comparison posts via Reader’s  Digest.

1.White Nail Polish: A clean white lacquer leaves you open to endless possibility. The color looks fresh and airy in summer and crisp and classy in winter. Because a white manicure shows cracks and chips easily, wearing it tells people you put time and effort into your appearance. If white nail polish becomes your go-to color, expect to be at the salon often.white-nail-polish-brands-designs-trend-glitter-crackle-matte-dark-skin-opaque-opi

2.Red Nail Polish: Hard to ignore, red nail polish shows the world that you’re confident and ready to stand out. Nothing’s flirtier than a shade with orange undertones in the summer (a standby for celebs like Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansson) and a burgundy hue in the winter. As far as bright polishes go, red is still a class.
Red Nail Polish

3.Clear Nail Polish:It’s always better to go bare than to have chipped polish(something most of us are guilty of) And some weeks, it’s best to skip high-maintenance colors altogether. A clear shellack tells people you care about your appearance and pay attention to detail, but are pressed for time.

Clear Nail Polish
Clear Nail Polish

4.Daring Manicure:A daring manicure tells people you’re not afraid of taking risks and that you value your individuality. It also shows that you’re willing to spend time at the salon. Chevron and floral nails aren’t for women whose goal is to get in and out of the salon as quickly as possible.

Daring nail polish art
Daring nail polish art

5.Neon Tones: If you work in a conservative, or even mildly conservative office, save the neon tones for vacations and time off. Bright colors can feel overly youthful, and when not done well, can even look cheap.

Neon Nail Polish
6. Nude Nail Polish: Nude shades look pretty and polished in the most understated way. Think of these bieges and creams as the more modern version of pearly pink.

Nude Nail Polish
7.Black Nail Polish:In a similar way that black clothing conveys power and authority, black polish shows you’re not someone to be messed with. For a more understated alternative, try navy blue or grey. Both colors look sleek and will match nearly everything in your closet.



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