name:  Karine Edwige Adjanohoun
Cutting my hair is one of the few decisions i don’t regret at all; it was a big step because when I told some of my friends and family about it. They discouraged me and told me not to cut it because I will look “ugly” with it and I wanted it so much that I was scared it would be ugly, I even went to the extent of looking for pictures on the net and try and imagine how it will look on me until one day I was tired and without telling anybody went and cut it all off, I first I was disappointed because it was spiky (the permed ends) and dry, but after trimming it I loved it and I couldn’t stop feeling my hair. Natural hair is a journey on its own, and to an extent it’s a change of view. As it grows it becomes harder to deal with so think I will keep it short for now until I master it and know what it likes.
I hope more girls will start embracing their natural hair and I encourage those of us who have started this journey not to give up…

Name:Laura Asimeng
Profession: Artographer Elle Kasa Photography  and a student.

I’ve never regretted it one bit. It’s made me so much more confident in myself to know I can rock what God gave me with no shame! We seriously underestimate what we have naturally at times…I wonder why I even bothered to have some hot mess weaves on sometimes in the past, though well-done extensions can be nice (although costly). I have my hair short right now but have decided to grow it out for a change (my first cut was in late April). Either way, it has been the easiest hair I have had to look after in my life! All those numerous salon trips and insane money spent are old news- unless I decide otherwise, which would be surprising, but never say never! If I decide to perm/weave for the want of change, it’s my choice in the end. I’m just at peace in my heart that I can still confidently come out with these kinks as they are—I believe that’s what’s important, hair-wise.I’d just love to encourage other women wanting to do it to at least give it a try (with a GOOD barber/hair stylist lol). If you don’t like it, just buy a wig until further notice^^. Rocking mine ALL day, head held high like nobody’s business!!!

Name : Adwoa Afriyie.

Profession: I am  student and a free lance model.

I went natural with my hair almost a year and a half ago.

Natural hair looks funky and it is the ‘in thing’ but truthfully it is very painful to comb although my hair is soft by nature ; it is very curly at the ends so de-tangling hair with a comb is a different problem “wahala “on its own. They say there is no pain without gain. I still keep my hair natural because it is beautiful and now the male species love almost everything natural- enough with the artificial stuff. The good thing about natural hair is i don’t have to worry about shielding my hair during an event of unexpected rain. I love rain so enjoy walking confidently through the drizzle whiles my dear friends with weave on and braids etc.  run for their hair not lives in this case. Natural hair is so attractive. It also works for me in terms of branding as a model. Some photographers or concepts require models with natural hair only. I can easily get a slot with natural hair. At times i fix a weave just for a change. NO matter what I am not perming my hair. I feels and look good in my natural hair. I am me – that is all that matters :. My mom has recently gone natural
Name: Jessica Torks
Profession: Co creative director and stylist of jessicaTorke clothing

My experience, I really feel free, pure beauty. No artificial but it is not easy comb. I really feel like an African woman

Name: Afua Borga Dzifa
Profession: Student….

 Being natural is a blessing. Maintenance isn’t so difficult, all I have to do is wash and moisturize my hair with Shea butter and natural oils. It is less expensive to maintain and you can always style it up to fit the mood. I feel my hair is healthier now that I’m natural. Natural hair Rocks

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