I was quite surprised to receive my first customized African wax print inspired flat shoe from Adu Amani. Excited as I was, I quickly slipped my tiny feet into the shoe and they didn’t really fit! Oh well, she had travelled across borders (literally) to give me those adorable pre-birthday shoes. I just couldn’t let her go back with such disappointment, so i took it.

I think I have an unusual pair of feet. First of all, they are pretty small about size 4, or 37 to be more specific. Secondly, I can’t easily find a size 37 shoes or sandals. For sandals I need to get a size 35! Pity!!!! .I took the Ankara flats and slipped them unto my feet. I must admit, I was quite skeptical at first. They were pretty shoes and I didn’t want to be disappointed if they didn’t fit.

Believe me, I felt lifted when I wore them for the first time. The insoles are life changing and I’m stressing on the insoles because in order to enjoy wearing footwear, your feet needs to feel comfortable, in order to lessen the pain and stress should you be walking throughout the day.

The shoe is made with Ghanaian local fabric(Ntuma). It’s has red and yellow patterns with which make an exquisite extraordinary design on the shoe. It also has very strong outsoles. The shoe was carefully crafted with durability as its main focus. I noticed this because I have some other shoes which lasted only a month or two! due to bad finishing also, I’ve abused this shoe a lot but it’s still in good condition. I think that’s my only surviving flat shoe I have( all jokes aside) so I guess I need to get new ones.

It was made by Adu Amani Klodin who is most inspired by everything around her .She doesn’t make heels at the moment because she believes that once in awhile, we all need to be in flats which I completely agree with. The shoe comes in different colours, different fabrics, and different designs.
Looking to get some Ntuma /African wax print shoes? Give Adu Amani Klodin shoes a call.
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