Nathaniel Nunoo is a young Ghanaian fashion designer who has been in the industry for close to 6years. He studied fashion at Takoradi Polytechnic, and graduated in 2009. He was also the creative designer for MKO.GH for 4years. Currently running Nuna Couture, Nathaniel is a proud member of “THE WEB” A young fashion designers hub in Ghana.
         Nuna couture is a Ghanaian clothing and accessory company. The name “NUNA” is an acronym of name starting with the last name, (“NU” Nunoo- “NA” Nathaniel). The company made its first debut 2010 BO-16 and MWK fashion night for the Miss Ghana contestants. The label designed 10 cocktail, 10 navy costumes on the Grand finally and from that has ever stopped bringing the best for its label. The Company was finally established in 2011 in a local private house in Accra, Ghana. Nuna couture is well known for its classic ready-to-wear, menswear, womenswear and accessories .Nuna’s inspiration comes from poems, unsolved riddles, history and finally nature.  He believes that the fashion industry in Ghana is “climbing day by day inventively getting there”. For the very first time there was Ghana fashion awards, an event which was aimed to empower the sectors in fashion, talking about the designers, models, photographers, emerging fashion designers, read-to-wear label etc and Not long ago Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia Editor-in-chief in the country she made mention of the countries she visited in Africa and the Ghanaian fashion is the best so far.

Nuna couture set to launch its collection “The sins of men 2012”. Also want to catch the “Azonto” fever in the country in the ready-to-wear, the best in clothing and accessories in 2012 and beyond.

LOCATE NUNA COUTURE in Kaneshie B728/4 Asere Ayitey Street, behind the social welfare, 2miuntes drive from the Kaneshie market.

 Or their facebook page: Nuna couture to place your ORDERS….

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