TB: Who is Denola Grey ?
DG: Im a media presenter, fashion writer, fashion consultant and style blogger from Lagos Nigeria who loves a good cocktail and pop culture references.



TB: Tell us briefly about your style ? From your blog we’ve seen you wearing clothes and shoes from high fashion brands like Topman , Zara , River Island , Giorgo Brutini , Levis , Ralph Lauren , Markham , Emernegildo Zegna etc , are you a label whore ?

DG: My style is pretty much what it is; It’s dapper, its preppy and random. It flirts with edgy sometimes and other times its laid back. It’s an extension of my personality. I’m definitely not a label whore. I do appreciate a good brand, but I’m not in love with items just because of the name. As long as its good quality and it looks bomb, I’m fully subscribed.

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TB: Your favorite four designers ?

DG: In no particular order, Tom Ford, Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Leeman and Orange Culture.
TB: You hosted the Red carpet for the just ended Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards ( AMVCA ) . We saw your outfit it was actually the “bomb” i must say . What are the things you consider when getting your suits/tux for big events ?
DG: Thank you! It was the fabulous Rhobes Couture that came through that day. When I’m getting ready for a big event, i try to do better than I did at a preceding event. I like unique pieces and things that are well-tailored and compliment my skin tone , i look at fabric, tailoring and of course color. These are all very important parameters
What are the three things every guy must do before a red carpet event ?
TAKE A SHOT (to loosen up)


TB: You are a menswear enthusiast and a fashion critique , what do you think about how men dress these days ?
DG: I’m quite impressed with what I have been seeing. The men are certainly taking more fashion risks and are playing with more volatile pieces and color. I’m excited to see how far this goes
Whats your four men must have ?
Quality white button shirts
A signature scent
A perfect fitting pair of jeans
Pristine Black dress shoes
TB: It looks like you are obsessed with bow ties , what is it about them ?

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DG: I just love them! They make anything look dapper and add the right amount of quirk to a casual outfit. It’s the perfect transition accessory
TB: What should we expect from ?
DG: More outfits, definitely more local designers and a more editorial feel to the whole site. I hope it translates!


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TB; Whats your advice to anyone who wants to start up a fashion blog ?
DG: Inspiration is great, but originality is gold. Do what come to you naturally! Do adequate research and educate yourself on the standards of how things should be done/ shot/ look/ feel. Apply the global standard to your strategy, couple that with your individual style and you has a personal masterpiece on your hands.


On this note we would like to say Happy Birthday to Denola Grey

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