Writer: Ab Boateng

They say, “Behind every successful woman, is the closet that made her look good all the way to the top” and I agree. Finding the perfect items to match your power closet can be quite tough this is why for the first series of power closet I have put together some looks from some amazing fashion brands that can up your power closet game. Here are my top 5 power clothes for the boss ladies

  1. Iconic vanity: this Nigerian brand released a look book that screams power as well as sexy. With bold strokes and monochrome and colour. Iconic vanity got me feeling like Wonder Woman meets Cleopatra; I’m about to save the world.



  1. Jason Porshe Bella Vista is much tres caliente but also very “if you joke with me I will not hesitate to cut your paycheck”. I love how this Nigerian menswear brand fit these feminine pieces in and gave women all that power.




  1. EQLBRM from Haus of Stone : I took my business all the way to Zimbabwe and allowed the risqué brand Haus of Stone to win my hearts with these sheer and tailored pieces. Yes you may call me madam and bring me a jot cup of coffee while you’re at it.





4.    Jermaine by Blue: Oh Jermaine Jermaine. A few pieces of Vangresha and the Charewote Capsules got me power tripping. Big time. There’s something sexy about the thin-sleeved tops but also intimidating about the bottoms they’re paired with. Also, cheers to wide leg pants making a comeback!



  1. Lumière coutures “la joie” is all sorts of bold and colourful and boss lady like. It’s like the clothes understand the concept of “I am the leader. And I am on my Drake.” And by “on my DRAKE” I don’t mean in the feels, I mean doing right and killing everything. So slay away boss lady, slay away!


I hope you loved my picks? If you have any questions or suggestions kindly drop then in the comment section below and I will get back to you! Have an awesome week and don’t forget to like and share this post.



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