Name: Antoinette Akye


Company Name: Beautique Gh


Business Type: Make up and Hairstyling


Location: Mobile Service




Instagram: @BeautiqueGhana


Annette has been the beauty industry for over a year now, she got into it through experimentation and blogging. Experimentation because she was curious to know more about makeup, Annette was always intrigued about her mom red lips which she wears everyday by the way, she was thus influenced to learn more about the art. Unfortunately, she had absolutely no idea about makeup although was fascinated about it. Annette did more research about beauty in general then followed the desire to share her beauty secrets with the Ghanaian lady through her blog, NaturalistaGh( Now Anette  People started seeing makeup she did on herself and always asked what she had in mind for such a talent. On her return to Ghana after studies abroad, she was goaded into offering her talent to the Ghanaian woman. BeautiqueGh, coined after beauty boutique, was born soon after. 


 To her being in the beauty industry is more like fulfilling that desire to ensure that a woman is looking her best, be it everyday or on that special day. The warm, fuzzy, gushing feeling that comes with seeing a woman “oohing”and “aahing” over her reflection in the mirror after skillfully enhancing her beautiful features is what drives her to work hard in the industry.She has had the opportunity to bedazzle ladies into brides, has participate in fashion shows as a MUA etc.


Annette has an Msc in Environmental management and is currently on internship at the Environmental Protection Agency. She works on beautique over the weekend.

She is inspired by Inna Patty quote  “beauty is like an ore, raw and unattractive. But as soon as the ore is refined into a precious metal or stone, it becomes more attractive and valuable

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