Maybelline New York has partnered with Sandra Don Arthur of Alexandrina Makeup Artistry and a product of Mink Cosmetics in London with her innate understanding,techniques in makeup and expertly crafted makeup looks on some celebrities in Ghana like Efya, Joselyn Dumas among others as evidence to her hardwork has won her a partnership with Maybelline New York (world’s leading cosmetic brand).
     She is now a Maybelline New York Board of Influencer in Ghana. With her editorial experience such as covers for Glam Africa, Haute Canoe Magazine, her goal is to make a positive impact on Maybelline and take it to new heights in Ghana by marketing the products to the African Market and bringing something fresh to makeup artistry. 
     Sandra Don Arthur expressed her joy for the opportunity given her and hope for a pan Africa success with global recognition. In her own words ““Because of my work with ‘Makeup Diaries,’ I feel like I’m part of the bigger picture of influencing the Maybelline brand and taking it to new heights in Ghana and other markets,” said Sandra, “It’s great to be working with a world class brand and the partnership has been mutually beneficial, so I’m looking forward to what’s to come.”
Sandra got her first big break when she was working on the set of “@ Home With…” in London. When the Managing Director of MNET Africa, Biola Alabi, came on set as a guest, the show’s leading makeup artist told Sandra to do Alabi’s makeup for the show. Despite her nerves, she was able to make it happen and please the client as well as the millions of viewers who watched the episode. After that, she became the lead makeup artist on the show and worked with Joselyn Dumas for five seasons.
“I feel incredibly blessed to have been given these opportunities. I try to make the most of each opportunity presented to me and have fun always,” said Sandra, “When I look to the future, I’m hoping for pan African success with global recognition!”


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