Author: Penny Yeboah

Milk of Magnesia, the common OTC laxative. It’s an awesome primer for oily skin that’s able to keep the shiny enemy at bay for hours without worry. But like all mighty tools, it can turn against you, MOM is a Trojan horse. What looks like the most amazing gift ever in the short term can completely cause a disorder on your skin in the long run.
Living with oily skin is a constant battle but MOM is an absolute No No.

So, what makes MOM a bad choice? Its alkaline pH isn’t good for your skin. The reasons are;
Your skin’s natural ph is slightly acidic. This allows the good bacteria that live on our skin to thrive and those nasty ones that constantly attack it to shrivel and die.
When this acidic mantle is harmed, those bacteria can get past skin’s defenses and harm it by causing irritation which in turn causes acne. The loss of moisture makes skin as flaky and dry as the Sahara(jokes) That’s why good skincare products are formulated within the skin’s pH range (from 5 to 8). To avoid all that “nastiness” from harming your face.
Milk Of Magnesia has a PH of 10.5 and this is way too much for your face. If you use it regularly, it can do some serious damage to your skin; the best thing is, STOP using it. I recommend you use primers that have the same pH levels as that of your skin; You know anything harsh for the skin is a no go area.
I recommend these options;
i. Smash box oil-free facial primer
ii. Hourglass veil mineral primer
iii. Dr. Brandt facial primer
iv. Becca ever matte facial primer amongst others.
V. Rimmel London MAttifying Matifiant.
I sincerely hope you find this helpful.

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