Writer: Lora

Fashion weeks and surprises are synonymous. We come for the pieces, for the production for the energy and the story. Designers have a knack for pulling all the stops and meeting our expectations.

The recent glitz fashion week, held at Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel eased in with an opening cocktail housing myriads of styles. Excitement grew steadily with the first few shows. When the fashion week was well off the ground, we witnessed a graduate show – short punchy with Metakay’s innovative use of fabric and play on form.

Backstage, models run wildly from one fitting to another, cramped in the corridor to munch down and when the time was right, strutted designer pieces. After the second day, it was apparent models and organizers were counting down to the final showcase, slated for October 21st. What audience were yet to find out, was the stunning line up of pieces styled into a 10 minute narrative by Studio 189 brewing backstage. As the night spun on, soon it was time for studio 189 to showcase.


A long line of male and female models stretched on from backstage to the corridor, wearing 60 different pieces of hand-dyed batik fabric, tye & dyes, flowy boho chic dresses, and very summery blouses and pants. It was colorful, fun and paired off with sneakers much to model’s relief.–FPNS/?hl=en&taken-by=studiooneeightynine

And to finish off the showcase, models showed came dancing, smiling, chatting, hugging and generally having a good time in the final walk. As the file dwindled, audience were left on their feet in a standing ovation as the Studio 189 team walked up the runway. It was truly beautiful and as special as the eco-friendly pieces. It undoubtedly was a great end to three days of spectacular style, quirky production and stunning pieces.

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