Hey Guys, Style diaries is a new section of the blog.I will be sharing with you from time to time, it will generally be about my favorite looks and styles. I have finally decided to share my personal style stories with you. Dont fret, it wont be a long write  just something quick and easy about my everyday style.
Today’s look is pretty easy and simple: A Fashionistagh branded T-shirt with my fav jeans trousers and fav flat shoe lol not forgetting my green turban by a Sa4a. I don’t drive yet therefore can’t afford to wear heels to work all the time, the whole stress of having to wear flats from home and change over later just doesn’t sink in well with me. Doesn’t mean i don’t wear heels though. I just wait for the right timing to wear them. 

 About the Turban: Thanks to my friend Bunmi who got me this beautiful piece from Designer Sa4a. I find this really creative and i am loving it totally! This outfit has got me feeling all sorts of green!

Contact me via if you need one.

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