Trust South African African Artists when it comes to style! They clearly define where they come from and how they were brought up not only through their music only,but their choice of costumes. Whatever they choose to wear either on stage or on the Red carpet reflects some portion of their culture.  I have been keeping tabs on one particular music duo “Mafikizolo”. Apart from all their sensational tunes, there’s something about them, which attracts my attention every time. Take a wild guess? Yes, their STYLE!.
Their name may mean ‘new kids on the block, who just arrived yesterday’ in Zulu, but Mafikizolois no newcomer.
This vibrant, stylish group that created a delicious dance brew by mixing old and new South African sounds, have released seven hit filled Afro Pop albums, sold over a million copies, picked up countless awards, and is undoubtedly one of the most successful groups in South Africa.
 Mafikizolo is in a league of its own; these trendsetters’ unique style, sound, choreography, and live act appeals to young and old audiences, and has created a spectacular new flavor of South African music. (
 Heres a video i think you would love:
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