Andy from my name Andrew and track means a path way to success
     I started way back in Bishop bowers school(JHS 2), Andy track was suggested  to me when I was creating my 1st email address. I had the passion for fashion when I 1st saw a young guy wearing a t-shirt with his name neatly sown behind him, at that moment I didn’t really know what happened, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off the guys t-shirt. Hmmmm , then I started thinking, I have a leather bag which I don’t use anymore, my mum had a sewing machine, why don’t I try to do this. So, I rushed home and started cutting my signature out of my leather bag then I asked my mum to sow it onto the t-shirt for me which she refused, therefore, I took  the sewing machine out and started sewing myself carefully, but it wasn’t perfect you know, that was the 1st time I had sat behind a sewing machine. I later started doing the same for my classmates in school, then the word traveled n now here i am. It’s been hard, it’s not everyone that gets it on a silver platter, I went through a lot to be where I am now. It’s very difficult  combining school with studies because my work is very demanding and I mostly spend a lot of time in the office, I even do sleep over’s when the job is a lot. I would say my parents were not okay with the whole fashion thing, especially my mum, she actually wanted me to do law but I don’t like reading at all, I prefer practical stuff. Later she understood, because she saw what was going on, and she saw all the contracts I was getting because I used to work from the house. I am so happy they all support me now.  I just outdoored a new collection called AIRTRAK. I have 3 collections so far and my favorite is Air track, this is because it is my new brand and one of my best so far. It has traveled far and people like it. Airtrack is now selling in London. I want other young talents to know that in the beginning you will meet people who will reject your work, people who will encourage you to stop what you doing, but don’t listen to them, because if that is truly your talent, you will make it someday.
Ø  Where  do you you come from?
 James town
Ø  Favorite music?
I like hip hop, hip life, afropop
Ø  Favorite designers
Ø  Favorite football team

Ø  shop can be found @circle near city lights in Ghana…..  telephone:0208257200  or visit

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