The women of City of Joy asked Gabriela Sanchez y Sanchez de la Barquera to create a design to honour the work of Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Denis Mukwege. With the stories of these courageous women in mind, she designed five fabrics, marked on the selvedge with the words Respect, Love, Strength, which reflect the women’s healing and renewal through sisterhood, love and mutual respect.

Five female, African fashion designers were asked to make garments for 15 of the graduates from the City of Joy. The women asked if they could showcase the fabrics themselves in a fashion show that seeks to bring the world’s attention to violence against women. All the profits from the sale will be donated by Vlisco to the City of Joy.



Tolu Coker is a British-Nigerian fashion designer, textile designer and illustrator based in London. Her work has been internationally recognised. Her global client base includes names like Rihanna. Her work extends beyond the medium of clothing, with her illustrations, documentaries and fashion films.


Aisha Ayensu is Founder and Creative Director of the award-winning fashion brand Christie Brown. Christie Brown has had extensive coverage across global fashion and mainstream media.


Bubu Ogisi is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative director specialising mainly in abstract space installations, garments and textile design. Bubu Ogisi is the Creative director of the contemporary women’s wear brand, IAMISIGO. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, she now resides between Lagos and Nairobi.


Rebecca Zoro was born and raised in the Ivory Coast. As a child, her father called her by the name of YHEBE, which translates to love and sensitivity. This is embodied in the clean lines and simple, modern and elegant silhouettes, which are the signature of the YHEBE brand.


Born and raised in Nigeria, Abiola launched her eponymous fashion brand in 2017 after her studies in Paris. Abiola’s collections are made with locally printed and sourced fabrics and are inspired by modern African women who are constantly on the go. She has worked at notable brands like Givenchy and Lanvin.



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