THE RAKAFY ESSENCE 18 COLLECTION represents a very practical but elegant, authentic and timeless must- have apparel designs for the contemporary fashion lover. With carefully sourced fabrics and accessories, this collection is designed to meet the expectation of the luxury, style and quality oriented individual. Consider yourself covered at work, religious and social gatherings and of course your special classy evenings.


This collection is for that one person who, despite demands from career and personal life, seeks to present an impeccable fashionable image at all encounters.
Every piece from the collection is designed to be an avenue for you to express your sense of style, boost, your self-esteem, or even hint your undisputed status. RAKAFY ESSENCE 18 COLLECTION reflects elegance, class, beauty and above all, a uniqueness of fashion style and trueness.

In 2017, the brand was born out of the never-ending desire to create exquisite garments and fashion pieces for an absolute breath-taking but realistic experience.
Aside creating the ultimate customer experience, Rakafy seeks to forge a designer-customer relationship where our clients can wholeheartedly rely on us to give them the best, and to gladly satisfy the deepest and ever evolving style revolution of the time.
Rakafy is your apparel manufacturer with as much consideration of the customer’s highest and precise expectation, before every piece is made. We believe that, in addition to wearing what is in vogue, you should make a fashion statement as well, while being very comfortable in what you wear. We cater to the contemporary and style-oriented man or woman in today’s society. The brand started out catering to the fashion needs of niche customers. However, fueled by regular recommendations of satisfied customers, and many success stories, Rakafy now targets a wider market.
Initially designing women’s clothing, the brand later added to its portfolio, exclusive and original designs for men and has continued to thrive till date. At Rakafy, we believe that your fashion boutique must have no limits, offering ready to wear, custom made African inspired and western styles.
The latest addition is the online experience we are bringing to our existing and potential customers. This is to leave no one out of experiencing what our cherished clients have enjoyed so far, regardless of location. The Rakafy experience is a culture we uphold with all respect and integrity. We do not only give you outfits, we bring you to the point where you are bound to live the dreams and relive the memories that the feel and effect of out outfits give you.

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