Writer: Abra Dangman

You would agree that a wristwatch is an important accessory for a lady. It is considered as one of those ‘basic’ yet essential accessories that never go out style. It tells the time while beautifying your wrist, and when you need to look trendy and sophisticated, your wristwatch speaks volumes. Little wonder why there is a wide range of watches that could adorn your wrist.

Do you remember those specific fashion rules about the need to wear different type of watches depending on your outfit? Well, with the popularity of smart watches, we cannot quite say if this rule is still effective.

In projecting 2019 fashion trends, we anticipate that there would be a continued spike in the use of smart watches. We say so because, these days, smart watches are not only used by those who are conscious of fitness and sports. From Samsung Gear to Apple watches, the range of functionality and connectivity that these watches provide means that you do not have to be fit-fam to sport a smart watch. After all, recent advancements in technology can allow you to view and reply social media messages via your watch, take calls, receive notifications, control music and of course and keep track of your daily fitness. Gone are the days when an adult sporting a digital watch with rubber straps is perceived as childish. On the contrary, it is a trend that we anticipate seeing more of in 2019. It is also fast becoming a major accessory.

What do you think? Do you have a smart watch? Do you wear it more often than your regular wrist watch? Do let us know in the comment section.

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