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TNB: Can you give us a brief profile of yourself.
AFC:  Am Anastasia Afiyo Atiglo  a third year student of University of Ghana, studying social work and also the creative designer at Afiyo creations. I am  passionate about helping the needy mostly kids and has a dream of making the world a better place for the less privilege. I have a beading club in a village called Obrachire where I teach the kids how to make beaded accessories to help empower them and also explore their inner talent. As the founder and creative designer of Afiyo Creations (Afc) I try to produce bespoke beaded accessories which are made of our African print to help promote the use of the print and also help people have that  Afro centric look .My  philosophy is” always be a man of value than a man of success.:).”

TNB: When did you decide to start Afiyo creations?
AFC:I started in my first year in university as my hobby but began serious business in the middle of the year. It has been a little stressful combining Afiyo Creations with studies but I love doing what I do. 
TNB: What makes Afiyo creations stand out from other accessory making companies…
AFC: We have unique designs and also try to blend our African prints with beads to help make our accessories stand out from the lot. 
TNB: How many collections do you have so far, and what are the differences between them?
AFC:I have two collections, that is Afiyo and Adepa collection. Afiyo was my first collection made up of strictly beaded Accessories whiles Adepa collection consists of Africa print fused with beads.
TNB: How are you able to deal with the pressure and demands from clients……
AFC:I try my possible best to work with time, I manage my time very well n make good use every second, I sometimes give them my time if theirs would not favour I give them mine.

TNB: Tell us about how you got into volunteering work and how you started your club? 
AFC:I am passionate about peoples well being, So when I had the opportunity I just made good use of it, Helping people especially kids is something I can’t do without therefore it influenced my decision to go into volunteering in addition to what I do .
TNB: What town is your beading club located, and how are the kids responding to your lessons..
AFC: It is in a village called Obrachire. About 30mins drive from Kasoa.I have 35 students but 15 active students. The lessons, I would say has had a lot of impact on them .They are simply amazing and always enthused about it.

TNB: How do you fund your beading club?
AFC: I fund the club through my personal savings, through funds from my parents and a friend called Gideon Marcel.
TNB: Have you thought of raising funds to support your cause? 
AFC:I plan of having an exhibition of their handiwork to help raise funds for the school and the club

TNB: what is your advice to anyone who was to venture in your field 
AFC: My advice is, “try to do de extraordinary and always love what you love doing best.”

PHONE NUMBER:0262612370

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