Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong widely known as Becca is a renowned award winning singer, actress and performer born and raised in Ghana. With numerous hit songs to her name like “you lied to me” and her latest “hwe” it comes as no surprise that in 2013 she was named one of the most influential people in Ghana.

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Growing up, Becca’s surroundings influenced her music and fashion style. Her impeccable sense of fashion does not only compliment her body type but also finds a way to always give us a little bit of her personality. She graces every stage with her presence, leaving her fans in total awe of her. The passion she puts into her work is felt in her music.

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Becca has established a rescue organization which raises funds to help children affected by HIV/AIDS in Ghana. In 2014, she became the ambassador for UNAIDS.Her latest cover of the Glam Africa Magazine’s 2016 spring collection gives us more than one reason to go back and rethink the choices in our closets.
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We love the fact that she is an activist for gender indiscrimination. Becca has shown us time without the number that fashion is a statement, not a style, it does not have to be worn casually, nor outside the runway. Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 1.06.44 PM

Fashion is fit for all sizes, all people and all ages, it is an art of personal expression, not only an excuse to be pretty, popular or charismatic. We love how she gracefully styles her African print fabrics thus promoting made in Ghana outfits.

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