Anita Erskine is a bilingual Radio and TV presenter based in Ghana. With over 10 years of broadcasting experience, She has swamped into the hearts and minds of many with her melodious voice and we can’t overlook the number of time she has rocked her Vlisco inspired outfits for her TV shows. For our first feature on #WowSmoments, we mirror in on five of our favorite look looks from this vivacious lady.

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She is bold, she is articulate, she is confident. These are features she definitely cannot hide. Anita Erskine commands presence at any gathering and has mastered the art of capturing peoples attention in the midst of many. She has been and is still the role model of many. Call her the comeback queen but she is back to re adjust her crown and couldn’t have done it any better.

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From her funky hairstyles, and subtle yet bold made up this lady is always on all levels of “fleekness” no exaggeration intended. There’s a lot to learn from her sometime simple chic to effortless elegant out fit. Anita has got us wowed on her choice and costumes hence why she makes it to our first #WowSmonents

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#WowSmoments is a weekly feature on celebrities or favorite people who have wow’ed us with their styles in five different ways. You have an opportunity to be a part of this weekly post. Here’s what you need to do. Just suggest anyone that comes to mind in our comments section. Please note: personalities should come from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa and they most importantly must have style.































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