It was very difficult putting together this piece not just  because this woman is one of the women I greatly admire, she also has great sense of style that every young lady should draw reference from. Hence, very hard choosing just five outfits out of the lot.

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Diana Opoti is a fashion expert, an executive producer and host of television series titled designing Africa. She has recently stormed the African fashion industry with her hit social media campaign themed a hundred days of African Fashion. She’s also been named among the most influential 100 people in 2014 by New African Founder.

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A 100 days of African fashion is a digital campaign which focuses on promoting African fashion infused with dina’s personal style. She has succeeded in putting a spotlight on different African brands hence giving individuals an opportunity to appreciate African Designer made products. She is based in Kenya. I am highly impressed by the level of creativity she’s attached to promoting African fashion with digital Media – who would’ve ever thought?

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I love how she expresses her style through her choice of color, fabric patterns and accessories.  Her level of consistency is admirable, from what hairstyles she keeps to how often she updates her pages. This lady  definitely  means business!

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