George Agyemang is the CEO and creator of George Amua collection. He schooled in Kumasi Polytechnic where he majored in fashion design.

What makes his brands distinct from others is his touch of contemporary and indigenous designs which he incorporates in his work. With his love for African garment and its heritage, blending a contemporary look with African designs brings out outstanding pieces. We loves how comfortable and trendy the finished products looks and feels.
George Amua’s brand commenced in the year 2011 as ‘Dirtyfeet’. He designed affordable yet trendy bags, shoes and shirts. As the years grew, his love for bags became greater as many designers were into clothes. He then decided to re-brand into something special, hence “George Amua.” The brand was named after his grandfather who some years ago toiled tirelessly for his dream and family. Presently he specializes in bags only. These bags could pass for a quick weekend getaway with friends or family, an every day work or school bag and oh can definitely pass as the ultimate gift to that special someone.



“With my interest in artistic bag designs, I wish to trek the same path as my Grandpa and have all my dreams realized”. George is inspired by the growing creativity and emerging fashion trends emerging from Africa and it is his will to be part of these trends and its not surprise to see how quick George has perfected his craft and is on his way to achieving his aim of becoming a global brand

The brand’s range cuts across all types of bags, ranging from handbags, school and traveling bags to purses and more. These bags are always designed with a touch of the ever beautiful African print. Products from George Amua collection can be purchased from his residence located at Roman Ridge, Continental 22nd Street HSE #2 or Dichemso inside Kumasi- Krofofrom upon order.


Please call :0574537922 to place an order

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