Fashion isn’t static, trends are constantly evolving and this time the 90’s style has bounced right back to reclaim it’s popularity. I am talking about ripped jeans trend. Initially, ripped jeans could’ve been achieved due to wear and tear but quite lately there’s has been deliberate attempt to mimic wear and tear style. I have spotted quite a number of people who have rocked the ripped jean style in all it’s glory. But wait, how Ripped can ripped jeans be ripped? I have spotted 3 different ripped jeans styles that I think you may have spotted as well.
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Let’s begin with the “small regular ripped” style: This Slim-fit kind of jean style suits girls who want to go a bit crazy but not over the top dramatic. This look is also for individuals who just love style and wont mind joining the trend in a subtle way. Regular ripped style look can be paired to look either classy or casual. From heels to sneakers to Tees and fitting tops just about any look can go with this.  
Next we have the Boyfriend ripped jeans: I coined that name by the way; this type of jean is not the regular slim-fit kind. This one is sort of loose more like the baggy ones. Tomboys are best for this kind of ripped jean. They can absolutely rock this because believe it or yes its for the bold. This type screams  “yes I’ve got it under control” , Pair this look with heels and thank me later.
Finally we have “the huge ripped cut”: these are huge cuts on the jean. This style is for the over- the- top dramatic, attention seeking personalities. Ladies who wear these really don’t care about people’s opinions. Can be styled to look causal or urban chic depending on who’s wearing.
Are you a ripped jean fanatic?
Share with me which of the 3 styles in your favorite.

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