Writer: Jessica
Tassel trend is so major!
Well, who knew the tassel earring trends will still be in existence? Actually I did or I do know that this trend isn’t dying out anytime soon.
Statement earrings have always been my thing, aside the cost (a girls on budget) I almost always fall in love with statement earrings and for this post I can confidently state that I own almost 5 pieces of tassel earrings, is this even an achievement?
What I love most about these earrings are the kind of look it gives you, an opportunity to rise from 0-100 real quick! And they are such a fashionable statement to make when it comes to accessorising.
Every girl must own at least 1 pair of tassel earrings, once on a while opt to make a statement with your accessories especially if you’re used to being extremely minimal with your style.

source of images: @odaraonline




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