If you think history is repeating itself in this year’s fashion trends, you are not alone. From off-shoulder tops to overalls, the 90’s are making a comeback, and one of 2016’s biggest throwbacks is the choker necklace. While a great outfit can go a long way, the best thing you can do for any outfit is spice it up with a good accessory.

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Choosing a good accessory makes a statement, it is the best way to try a trend and decide for yourself if it works for you. WHY? Well, funny you should ask, but the story has it that any stripe of cloth be it thick or thin beautifully tied around our necks, with or without a pendant has this superpower of putting all the focus on our pretty faces and making us look more beautiful. I know, how ridiculously impossible right?
Well, not really. Besides, it also has this superpower of giving a bit of grime but also some sort of dark elegance to any outfit. You can wear your hair loose in beach waves for example, or you can throw on a very polished look, and it’ll all be this great 90’sedgy-mix. Unsure about whether or not you’re a fan of this trend? Or if you can rock it?

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That 90s thin or thick black piece of leather or velvet that is tied in a bow or not around our necks – is having a major comeback and there’s a good reason for that It’s delicate, it’s different, and it adds a little bit of an edgy ( “rock star” ) vibe to even the simplest of looks. Gone are the days of tattooed chokers. Now, the choker necklace comes in all different shapes and sizes like The Grunge-Inspired Choker Necklace and The Jewelry and Statement Choker Necklace. So the next time you’re staring at yourself in the mirror wondering what it is your outfit is missing, why not go out there and get yourself a choker.


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Writer:Florence(Social Media Intern)

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