Penny Yeboah

So impressed at how healthy and easy it is to remove makeup by simply using coconut oil. This method is affordable and readily available when you run out of makeup wipes. You need to remember, Anything that causes the face to burn is said to be harmful to the face so we must be careful of what we use on our face. Talking about what to use for the face and what not to, I have discovered that coconut oil isn’t just good for the mouth, hair, and body, it is also healthy and gentle as a makeup remover and I am excited to share with you some simple steps on how to remove your make up with coconut oil.

Step 1: Scoop if the coconut oil is in its solid form and simply rub it between your palms till it melts.

In its melted state, simply pour the right amount into your palms, rub between palms and simply apply all over your face.

Step 2: Clean face with either of these (a clean face towel, baby wipes, cotton or a clean face pad)

Step 3: Use a wet hot towel (with the right temperature for your face) to clean the face thoroughly.This will melt the excess make up on your face leaving it further clean.

Step 4: Round it by simply rinsing your face with water and applying a little amount of coconut oil on your face just to keep your face moisturized.

You so need coconut oil in your life.
I sincerely hope you find this helpful.

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